CONGRATULATIONS to the NYSHBA 2017 High Points Winners!  Click HERE for results!

CONGRATULATIONS!  Kathi-Jo Rhyner's horse, One Lucky Guy, received the USEF Socking Stuffer Trophy at the USEF Annual Awards dinner.  One Lucky Guy was named the Thoroughbred Hunter Horse of The Year. Shown with the trophy are Kathi-Jo, and her trainer Dick Hoffend.


Please click the following link in RED to support the Inherent Risk Bill for Farms: 

Farmers Need Inherent Risk Relief 

New York's litigious environment has diminished the number of insurance carriers willing to cover equine establishments and activities, while dramatically increasing the cost for liability coverage.  Many riding clubs, riding instruction stables and youth organizations, such as 4-H, can no longer afford the liability insurance necessary to continue their programs in this state. 

New York desperately needs legislation to address the inherent risks associated with equine and other recreational agricultural activities. Both the Senate and Assembly have passed a bill that would provide relief for equine and other agricultural operations that allow the public on their farms.


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NEWS 6/19/2017

Visit the Hasty Hills Farm website to learn more about the Hasty Hills Farm
Equine Development Incentive Programs!

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NEWS 11/1/2016

Sadly I must tell you all that the Fall Finale Horse Show this weekend is cancelled. I have phoned each of the trainers who had reserved stalls and have mailed checks back to those who had sent them to me. I regret doing this, believe me.

I hope you will join us in April at the Coliseum for the Spring Premier Horse Show. Those of you who wanted to support this event will receive a special bonus there if you are able to come.

Thank you again for your support and enjoy a happy holiday season. Stay warm.

- Naomi

NEWS 11.23.2015

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Congratulations to the Autumn In New York Horse Show, winner of the 2015 Member's Choice Award with the USHJA.

NEWS 11.19.2015

Click to enlarge photos of the renovations underway at the Coliseum in Syracuse!

NEWS 11.19.2015

Last year at this time, NYS was in the final stages of the Equine Industry Policy Priority Survey.  The results can now be seen HERE.

NEWS 12.26.2013

The following recognition from USHJA was actually a result of many who participated in Autumn in NY and expressed their support of the effort that my staff and I put forth to provide a good competitive atmosphere combined with a great element of fun for all levels of attendees and participants.  Thank you for acknowledging our efforts.  We will strive for greater success next year!





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